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Update on some of our members -30 June 2018

Brian Holford remains in Coton Hill House and a check with the staff confirm he continues in good spirits.I am sure he would welcome members visiting him.

John Bashall has had an accident on his bike colliding with a bus on his way to a maths exam.As a result he is wearing a neck brace and will be out of action for three months.I have spoken to him and he has carers coming in daily.

John Casewell following knee surgery last year is now virtually wheelchair bound.He hopes in the future months to get down to the club,but would welcome anyone who fancied a game visiting.


Shropshire Team Quick Play Competition

Saturday 2nd June.

I am delighted to report that Telepost won the Shropshire Team Quick Play competition held at the Wrekin Housing Trust on Saturday 2nd June.

Telepost fielded a strong team, consisting of regulars, Nigel Ferrington, Matthew Clark and John Bashall, new signing Trevor Brotherton and former club captain, Richard Bryant.

Newport’s squad was even stronger, featuring International Master Lawrence Cooper on board 1 and three of Shropshire top 7 rapid play players on board 2-4 (we have two of the top 7 on boards 1 and 2). They also had rising star Edison Xu on Board 5 (number 4 Under 11 in the UK.).

The three other teams competing were Maddocks, Newport B and “Motley Crew” (a decent team made up of players from a number of different clubs).

Telepost battled their way through the group phase. Despite a couple of disappointing defeats to Maddocks (the old Priorslee Lions team), we were comfortable enough in 3rd in the League phase, meaning that we avoided the more difficult semi-final vs. Newport. There were a couple of highpoints in the League phase, such as Nigel’s draw with IM Lawrence Cooper and Matthew Clark’s victory over Ian Jamieson (who outgrades me by 38 points!), but overall the team knew we needed to improve in the decisive rounds.

We found our form in the semi-final vs. Maddocks. Although, Will Bates secured his 3rd win of the day vs. Matthew (Will was the only player to beat me all day, but he gave me three Chess lessons!), Telepost were successful on all the other boards with Nigel, Trevor, Richard and John all securing impressive victories to secure a place in the final 4-1.

This meant that the Final was Shropshire Chess’ answer to “El Classico”, Newport vs. Telepost. The skipper realised that he needed to make a contribution and managed to repeat his first round upset vs. Ian Jamieson to secure the first point needed for victory on board 4. However Edison quickly levelled the score on board 5. He won every single game in the competition and must be all set for a bright future in Chess. Nigel battled valiantly with the Black pieces on board 1 against Newport’s IM, but went down in the end. Trevor secured a valuable draw vs. Nick Rutter, which left Telepost needing a win on board 3. Fortunately Richard Bryant rolled back the years to defeat Nathaniel Paul.

This meant that we were tied on 2.5-2.5, and Telepost were awarded the final on board count after the result on board 5 was eliminated.

Many Thanks to Toby Neal and Francis Best for organising the competition and well done to all the players!

Telepost Chess Club-Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy 23/5/18
Teleport Chess Club is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
This policy explains when, how, and why we collect personal data about people.
Who we are
Telepost Chess Club is a chess club playing at Railway Lane,Abbey Foregate,Shresbury
How we collect your information
The only information we obtain about our members is provided by them directly. We do not collect personal data simply as a result of a person visiting our website.
How your information is used
The personal data we obtain is applied for the following purposes, namely to:
* Obtain payment of membership fees to fund the operation of the Club.
* Identify members on the English Chess Federation (ECF) Website.
* Register members to play for Telepost in competitions which Telepost enters.
* Submit results of matches played to the ECF for grading purposes or to other organisations running competitions ,as required,in which Telepost participates.
* Communicating with members for the purposes of running the chess club, including selecting and organising teams and other chess events.
Consistently with this, the contact details provided to us by members may be used to contact them by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail for the purposes of the Chess Club.
We will hold personal data for as long as a person is a member and for a reasonable time afterwards.
This data is held pursuant to the legitimate interests of Telepost Chess Club which is the basis on which your data as set out is processed.
Who can access information
Unless required by law, we do not sell, rent or otherwise share personal data with other third parties.
Members can ask for a copy of the data we hold about them. If a member provides information about another person, it is their responsibility to ensure that the other person has given their explicit consent to the processing of their personal data.
Should you have any unresolved complaints about the way we process your personal data, you have the right to make a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
Links to other websites
Our website may contain links to other websites. This privacy policy only applies to the use of our website. We cannot be responsible for other websites even if accessed via links on our website.
Review of this policy
We keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this webpage. This privacy policy was last updated on 23rd may 2018
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Chess Club Secretary: Full details are to be found on the Website: “ telepostchessclub.org”
Dennis Bonner

Club Championship 2017/8

Congratulations to John Westhead winning the club championship 2017/8 with 4.5/5.An admiral performance considering he was outgraded by two of his opponents.

National Club Championships

The National Chess Club championships were held at the Park Hotel in Telford on Saturday/Sunday 7/8th April.

Our club had two 4 person teams,the A team in the Major Section ,the Rules stipulated that the average grade of the 4 people must be no more than 175.

We also had a B team in the Minor Section,the average grading could be no more than 125.

Our B team won the Minor Section so congratulations go to Graham Shepherd,Dennis Bonner,Steve Wilson and Shane Sweeney. This was especially well deserved as all of the other teams well outgraded our B team.

Our A team also did well,achieving 2nd Position in the Major.

Congratulations go to Nigel Ferrington,Phil Zabroki,Matthew Clark and John Bashall.Nigel with 3 out of 4 and Matthew with the same score were the highest scorers on boards 1 and 3 respectively.

It was a very good weekend for Shropshire as Telford won the Intermediate section.

We now have our first silverware of the Season.

Matthew agreed to get the Cup and the Plate engraved with our teams and date, they will both be placed on the shelves in the Bar area for all to see.

Dennis Bonner


Division 3; C versus D

The C team played our D team on Monday 26/2 which was their 3rd fixture against each other this season.

The honours turned out even at 2-2 with Nick Holmes beating John Casewell, Charles Micallef drawing with Kate Walker,Andy Lewis drew with Steve Wilson, and Dennis Bonner lost against Shane Sweeney.

This leaves the C team in 3rd place in the Division 3 followed by the D team in 4th position ,with only 2 points separating the teams

Simultaneous at Newport

Good news from the recent Simutaneous display by Grandmaster Keith Arkell on 13th February.

There were 18 opponents from the various clubs in Shropshire and there was only 1 winner from all of these clubs……None other than our own Phil Zabroki.

Phil had the better position in the game and finally won the end game against Arkell ,who has the reputation of being a fine endgame player. Congratulations to Phil from all of our club.

Telepost A 4 Wellington A 1 07/02/18

Telepost A were happy to get back to winning ways last Wednesday. Nigel and Phil secured good wins over traditional rivals Toby Neal and Colin Roberts. John Bashall and John Westhead also achieved good wins on boards 4 and 5. Sadly, Matthew was unable to complete the clean sweep on board 3 after achieving a good position from the opening, but congratulations to James Kuczynski for getting the better of the time scramble and achieving checkmate with only 20 seconds on the clock.

Rapidplay debuts end the duck

Debut Rapidplay appearances of the season by Peter Crean and Kate Walker helped Telepost B break their Rapidplay Division 2 duck as Telepost Club hosted round four of the competition on February 5th. The win came in the final match of the evening, against Newport B. Peter, on fine form, had two wins and a draw on the night, and a win and a draw for Steve Wilson and two wins for Shane Sweeney made it easily our best showing of the season, against teams graded much higher. We remain bottom of the division but not quite as bottom as we were!

C v.TelfordB

Our C team played Telford B at home on Monday 12/2/18.

Telford are lying 2nd in the 3rd Division and are battling with Oswestry B for promotion to the 2nd Division.

Unfortunately Telford could not raise a full team and were forced to Default Board 4,which gave an immediate boost for our team.

Nick Holmes continued the boost with a win against Steve Szwajkun. The match continued and Charles Micallef lost against his higher graded opponent, at 133,Richard Szwajkun .

It was then left to Andy Lewis who was playing Roger Brown.

Roger outfoxed Andy in the endgame with a result that the C team had a very creditable draw against Telford B.

RESULT: Telepost C 2 Telford B 2

“C” team met Newport “C” at home on Monday 29/1/18.

It turned out to be a tense battle but Nick Holmes beat his opponent Michael Moore in the first game to complete. Then Andy Lewis had a good draw against Malcolm Price as did Charles Micallef who drew with Paul Broderick. Quickly following those results Dennis Bonner beat Zack Maydew to complete a good win at 3-1 which puts the “C” team in 3rd position in the 3rd Division.

Newport A v Telepost A 18 /01/18

Telepost A lost 4-1 to Newport A last night. Nigel drew with Nick Rutter on board one in a battle of
the recent county champions and John Westhead drew with Chris Paul on 4, but none of the rest of us had any success.
Steve Kempsell played very well to push Nathaniel Paul hard, but Nat ground him down in the ending.
Team was Nigel on 1, Matthew on 2, Steve on 3, John on 4 and Nick making his first team debut on 5.
Matthew Clark

D v Telford B - Division3

Josh put up a great battle but lost to the very experienced Stefan Tennant.The other 3 games continued very tensely until Shane beat Roger Brown on time . This set the match at 1-1 with everything to play for. The 3rd game was very well won by Kate,who was playing her first game for the D Team . She played Richard Thompson ,who lost a long battle but fell to Kate’s well thought out strategy.

The last game was played out virtually to the Time Control and could have gone either way but the game was finally won by Andy Jones . Steve Wilson had a great battle against his higher graded opponent.

So the match finished at 2-2,an excellent performance for our D team.

Dennis Bonner 17/01/18

Shropshire Congress- 5th - 7th January 2018
This year’s Congress was very successful with 145 entrants in all of the Sections.
Congratulations to Phil Zabroki who received the under 2000 Grading prize ,in the Open Section,with 2.5 points and Nigel Ferrington,also with 2.5 points who was joint top Shropshire player also in the Open. This was again a really tough section with GM’s and IM’s competing.
In the Intermediate U 140 section congratulations to both John Westhead who had 2.5 and Kate Walker with 2 points.
In the In the Minor U 100 congratulations to Nick Holmes with 3.5 points and narrowly missed out on a prize coming in 4th position.Also congratulations to both Martin Ayres who,with 3 points,received the grading prize and Dennis Bonner who had 2 points .
The full amounts of Results can be found on the “ shropshirechesscongress.org.uk”.
Thank you to all of our members who supported this event and we hope in 2019 ,at the same venue in Telford,many more of our members can enter.
Dennis Bonner 10/1/18

Telepost win a trophy thriller
12/07/2017 Shropshire Star
Telepost A have beaten Newport A in the final of the Shropshire chess Cox Trophy by the closest of margins, disappointing Newport's hopes of doing a league and cup double.
The final, which was broadcast live on the internet thanks to the use of digital chess boards, ended in a 2-2 draw on the night. But using the board countback tiebreak rule, Telepost were declared winners. A top board win for Trevor Brotherton eventually proved decisive despite  a late win on time for Ian Jamieson, and Athar Ansari salvaging a 91 move draw even though a piece down for most of his game with David Hodge.
In the Minor knockout final pitting Telford A against Telepost B, which was played simultaneously, Richard Thompson's win gave Telford the early lead. Draws on boards two and four left the match depending on the top board where, with only four seconds left on his clock, Mark Keady finally resigned to Keith Tabner.
Amazingly this gave another 2-2 match result, and again Telepost emerged victorious through the board countback rule, in which the result of the bottom board is scrubbed out, repeatedly if necessary, until a decisive result is arrived at.

Shrewsbury-based Telepost had been underdogs in both matches, being outgraded on seven of the eight boards.

Detailed results were Cox Trophy, Newport A 2, Telepost A 2: Nathanael Paul 0, Trevor Brotherton 1; Chris Lewis 0.5, John Bashall 0.5; Ian Jamieson 1, Matthew Clark 0; Athar Ansari 0.5, David Hodge 0.5.

Minor Knockout, Telford A 2, Telepost B 2 - Mark Keady 0, Keith Tabner 1; Richard Szwajkun 0.5, Steve Kempsell 0.5; Richard Thompson 1, Peter Crean 0; Stefan Tennant 0.5, John Westhead 0.5.

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